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Glass Furniture India



Glass furniture often oozes a high level of elegance and sophistication – and looks great in modern and contemporary homes. Glass also has a unique ability in that it is able to enhance the look of other materials that accompany the glass furniture, such as wood or marble.

Uses Of Glass Furniture

Glass Table Delhi ncr


Add luxury to your living room with the customised glass table tops. Designed for high-end living, bring home the glass table tops. We have different sizes, colours and materials to suit your vision. They are long lasting and will take your style quotient a top notch higher.

Glass Shelf Gurgaon


You say, we fulfil!

Lighten up your living room with the unbreakable and strong Display units and add your favourite display in here. These customised display units will help you create your space, your way!

Cabinet Glass Gurgaon


Show off those fancy collectables in our Glass Cabinets and outcast your way into the luxury. Our display cabinets offer functional storage while bringing beauty to your space keeping your stuff away from dust.

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