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Lacquered Glass India



Lacquered glass is a special type of coloured glass perfectly suited to interiors. It is opaque in appearance, meaning that it doesn't allow any light to pass through it. It is formed by depositing and baking a coating of lacquer, which is an ornamental coating or a film-forming material, to one side of clear glass

Uses of Lacquer Glass

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Lacquered glass is a type of modern-day glass innovation in which one of the glasssurfaces is painted with high-quality lacquer followed by a process of oven-curing to lock in its unique features. The resulting glass is not only smooth, glossy, and coloured in appearance, but also opaque.

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Glass sheet kitchen backsplash,this is characterized as one seamless piece of glass that starts at the wall and continues to your countertop

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Ornate your living area with best of glass center table design, glass side table design, furniture styling which is useful as well as has the aesthetic appeal , to blend up perfectly with the sofa set and other seating arrangements.

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Lacquered glass, with its shiny and colored surface, unites the brilliance of glass with colored lacquer to render results which suits the interior requirements.

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Pillars are a lot more than just a source of strength. Apart from ensuring structural integrity, they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. Pillar claddings with lacquered glass helps a pillar serve both the purposes well and stand out.

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